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Chapter one, The Freak in The Grotto

Posted by bluefish on February 3, 2020 at 4:55 PM

Chapter 1

I am what I am.


It was an LSD experience when I was fourteen years old that revealed to me that I was sent to this planet to bring Love to the world. I remember waking up in the morning at my girlfriend’s house, looking in the mirror and noticing a light that seemed to emanate from around my head like a halo. As I stared into the mirror, I envisioned a huge temple, like the Eiffel tower, it was colored from top to bottom with the colors of the chakras, one-half was filled with white light, and the other half was filled with black. I’ve seen this same type of temple since, in a book about spiritual enlightenment. But I saw it first in my head that morning forty six years ago.

A truth once seen can never be unseen.

Through mind altering experimentation many years ago, my physical body very nearly escaped this incarnation permanently, but instead I was granted an out of body, birds eye view of the workings of the universe. Once having seen the visionary truth of the 'all encompassing energetic matrix,' I was changed forever. All my young life I had been desperately seeking wisdom and truth. Along with a radiant glow, the undeniable truth had found me that morning and I was transformed. I promised myself and my god that I would not waste the 'do over' that the universe had bestowed upon me, I would truly commit my life to bringing love to the world.

I knew that I must have been spared for something magnificent and mysterious and the reason for my survival must be linked to my finding a path for bringing love to the world.

When I say love, I mean love on a higher spiritual plane than the shallow and empty words I found in everyday conversation during the 60's. Back then it was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and everybody was preaching free love and free sex. Everybody loved everybody, but it all felt silly and meaningless.

The love I was seeking was an emanation of an intense supernatural power. Call it what you like, the name doesn't matter, God, Krishna, Allah, Isis, Osiris, or Grand Poobah, true love encompasses all those titles and so much more. By using the word, Love, I don't mean sexual pleasure or hallmark card pleasantries. I mean the most magical, all encompassing, eternal, infinitely powerful force in the universe.

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