Dr. Blue Fish BS. DC.

       True stories 
of transformation

This is a set of six note cards with the images from my goddess series of paintings.  

1. Allowance:  Allowing knowledge and wisdom to alight in the palm of your hand.

2. Release:    Letting go of all that baggage that weighs you down.

3. Transcendence:  Traveling to the power of the full moon on the howl of a wolf.

4. Emergence:  Breaking through all those barriers real or imagined.

5. Healing head:  Self portrait of myself the night I realized I was destined to be of service. ( you will receive two cards with this image.)

These five images on six cards with a ghost image lightly printed on the inside are suitable for  thank you's, birthdays, anniversaries, or just to let someone you love know that you care.

                                             Six cards with envelopes included.