Dr. Blue Fish BS. DC.

       True stories 
of transformation


Reads like music from her soul. From Dr. Bluefish’s healing heart to the Universe❣️
An easy, raw and entertaining read. The Freak of Ojai takes you to a place far away, yet deep within. Going to get copies for my book club. As a lover of the outdoors and yoga, debilitating lower back pain has started to interfere in almost all aspects of my physical journey~ Dr. Bluefish guided me to an inner awareness waiting to be revealed. Although never meeting her in person, or been blessed to have her healing hands on, Through sharing her wisdom acquired on the journey - The Freak of Ojai brings a spirit-filled healing ~ One only has to open the book and you are pulled in by the rhythm and the words !                           
                                                                                                                      A must read!

Verified Purchase
This book has a healing embedded in the pages. I encourage everyone to read it.