Dr. Blue Fish BS. DC.

       True stories 
of transformation

Allowance   By D'Anira Blue Fish Wiseman

The first of my epiphany paintings in the Life's Lessons series.

  If I want the gifts of Knowledge and Wisdom to alight in the palm of my hand,  I must first, open my hand. 

A clenched fist leaves no room for heavenly gifts.

Under the blazing power of the full moon, deep centers of intuition and empathy awaken.  I reach out to the universe to grant me insight and perspicacity, but, I must open the door to my soul to allow divinity to enter.  Like an alien landing pad, the open palm of my outstretched hand allows acceptance and assimilation of knowledge and wisdom.


 They used to call us witches

                             and we all know how that turned out.

Now we are healers or body workers or even doctors

Now we are mothers and sisters and daughters of change.

Now we silently fight the good fight

radiating change like a bonfire

My paintings from my Life's Lessons Series are available as cards and can be ordered from my Etsy website.

 The Freak of Ojai

(That's Me)

Brace yourself .

This collection of stories will change your life.                  

We focus on mind body issues because that's where the gold is

Are you searching for guidance and enlightenment, or just unique entertainment? 

Then this is the book for you.  

I've been practicing Chiropractic Medicine for over twenty years. 

Most of life's painful problems are not just physical insults

but deep emotional issues regarding our life choices and personal dilemmas.

It's hard to tell if your pain is coming from 

 your aching back or your aching heart, or both.  

Do you need pain pills or do you need love?

Most of us need love. 

Thoughts and feelings can make us sick, make us hurt and can ultimately kill us. 

The stories in this book reveal

 guidance and pathways to health and vitality.

You may see yourself, or someone you love, between these pages.

I reveal myself in these stories.

Sharing who I was and who I have become.

 I share the professional maneuvers that has helped so many of my friends.

Do you know what common health store remedy can cure  your heartburn and indigestion? 

Can exercise make you feel happier? 

 Of course it can, everyone knows that,

but what else can lift your spirits?

Information and entertainment on every page.

Come with me for adventures in mind-body medicine.

Let the fun begin.

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I bought this book for the stories and was so surprised at the hidden lessons in each chapter. My eyes were opened with each persons medical journey. Such a different and refreshing approach to healing and natural medicine. Skeptics beware! You will be moved and inspired!

"I'm so tired!" I scream to the empty room,

Tubes of paints and brushes are dancing like water droplets on a hot iron.  A small oval canvas lays screaming for attention.  I stand naked in front of the pulsating  pile of paints, rags, rocks and brushes. The image in the mirror, emerges onto the canvas.  I paint, not what I see, but what I feel. The real me, the plant me, the primordial soup me that lives beneath the flesh.  

Vibrations pulse through my body.  I am more than just the flesh and blood that I present to the world.  I am the vines, leaves, flowers and trees.

Electricity radiates throughout my body and bursts like a crown on my head. Emotions ooze from my fingertips and toes. 

 The Mother Goddess holds me in the palm of her hand.

 She whispers in my ear, 

"You have been sent to this planet to bring love to the world."  

I look up to the stars and I fervently swear,

 "I'm doing my best." 

Healing Head.

by D'Anira Bluefish Wiseman

Painted 'yesterday', when  I was young.